Leader in the artisanal production of Abruzzo-style pastries, torrone nougat confections and liqueurs, our company boasts more than thirty years’ experience and, despite not being the only one of its kind in the industry, the business has still enjoyed great success over the years. The customer approval we earn is certainly due to our consistently reliable and unquestionably artisanal production, our selection of raw ingredients – primarily high-quality Italian almonds and hazelnuts – our loyalty to traditional Abruzzo recipes and, above all, our commitment to eliminate color additives and preservatives in all our products. Very simple packaging shows off its contents, the artisanal handcrafting and simplicity of our products.

For several years, our company has also been selecting herbs, fruits and roots for producing artisanal liqueurs bottled in elegantly styled bottles, packaged and sealed completely by hand, with superior results both in product quality and image.

Our pastries, torrone nougat confections and liqueurs are quite well loved and frequently cited or recommended in articles from renowned magazines and specialized guides.

The guiding principles of our company are:

• passion for our work and family tradition
• artisanal production techniques for our entire product range
• continuity in the relationships with our employees and business partners
• authenticity of the ingredients we use and products we make
• quality, safety, and respect for the environmente
• customer loyalty and service