The Dolci Aveja kitchen and cozy store are located just a few kilometers from L’Aquila city center, immersed in a country atmosphere and surrounded by a green landscape dotted with a few homes. Under the watchful eyes of the Gran Sasso mountain, surveying its snow-covered kingdom, come through the gate.

When you come upon the first village square, the fragrance of fresh-baked cookies, chocolate, and vanilla wafts through the air, and you will feel like you’re in your grandmother’s kitchen, hearing the crackle of her fireplace, breathing in the scents that take you back to your childhood.

Tradition, matched with the most innovative production techniques, enable us to combine the classic flavors from the best Abruzzo tradition with respect for complying with the strictest international safety, quality and environmental standards in all phases of our operations, from raw ingredients acquisition up to testing the quality of our finished products via a continuous inspection and analysis process.

All of these criteria are always supported by close attention to customer satisfaction and service.